FDA Working to Ban Kratom Internationally – What Can You Do To Help

FDA Working to Ban Kratom Internationally - What Can You Do To Help

The American Kratom Association issued a call to action asking people to send public comments to the FDA on the position they would take on Kratom before the World Health Organization. Thousands of people have already sent in their stories.

As you may know, the FDA has been working on getting both the W.H.O and the U.N. to ban kratom internationally and classify it as a narcotic. This would mean that getting access to kratom can become almost impossible.

The AKA has responded to this action by urging the FDA to look at the science, and the community to share their stories publicly and bring more awareness regarding this topic from a consumer perspective.


What Can We Do?

The AKA is currently still gathering comments and personal stories from consumers and is encouraging everyone to write to them even if they’ve already submitted it to the Federal Registry.

The goal is to gather as many stories as possible from the community voice and get them to the W.H.O. and the UN expert committee directly for further review. If you want to submit your comment, please visit this page.

Additionally, if you can, you can also spread the news and encourage others to comment as well, to make the kratom community voice a lot stronger!


To Sum Up…

The FDA’s decision has blindsided many, but it’s important to make our voices heard and express our truth. Soap Korner will continue to be a vocal advocate for Kratom and supporter of the AKA and its efforts to spread awareness.We believe in science, and in what high-quality kratom products can achieve. If you’re interested in increasing your supply and accessing good quality kratom products, we encourage you to check out our shop and place your orders today.

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