Breaking News Update on the 2021 Strategy to Fight for Kratom

Lawmakers throughout the United States have been attempting to pass legislation outlawing or restricting the purchase of kratom products. At Soap Korner, we’re proud to support the kratom movement, and we’re doing our best to keep our community up-to-date as the latest news and events happen in the fight for...

Why Kratom Testing Is So Important

Lab Tested Kratom = Best Kratom As with any herbal supplement, it’s critical to make sure it’s safe for consumption. Kratom is no exception. When seeking to buy the best Kratom available, it then goes without saying it must be third-party lab tested. When Kratom vendors take these measures to...

Where is Kratom Legal?

Throughout history, politicians and social groups have attempted to control people’s freedom to eat, smoke, or grow many naturally occurring plants from the earth. Some of our herbs are no exception. So, where is kratom legal and can we ship to your location?Here in the United States, the individual states...

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a popular topic among anyone who is looking for a way to improve their active, healthy lifestyle.  But with so much misinformation about kratom, it is easy to get confused or even scared away altogether.  At Soap Korner, we take pride in offering the highest-quality kratom and kratom-infused...

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