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At Soap Korner we are committed to bringing you the highest available quality kratom powder and providing you with many options.

Our assortment of kratom powder includes red kratom, white kratom, green kratom, gold kratom, yellow kratom, kratom blends, and limited specialty blends of kratom. We also have sampler packs available of 3, 6, or 9 bags of 1oz kratom powders. All our kratom powder is certified by American Kratom Association (AKA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

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Why buy kratom powder from Soap Korner?

All our products are 100% naturally derived and processed. We are a leader in lab-testing kratom, so all of our products are third-party tested to ensure we have the highest purity and potency. That means you are getting the highest available quality kratom powder when you choose Soap Korner. As a leader in lab-testing Kratom, Soap Korner adheres to USDA testing guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to meet federal regulations. Our team personally selects top-quality products and maintains direct relationships with suppliers, visiting farms in Indonesia and Nepal to ensure the best quality.
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What to do with kratom powder?

Hot Kratom Tea

Boil water, once it has fully boiled let it cool for about five minutes. Add in kratom powder and stir vigorously. Use sweetener, lemon, lime, apple cider vinegar, or other similar additions to make it taste better. The powder is meant to be consumed, so be sure to stir well so you do not get clumps. 

Cold Kratom Tea

Same as hot kratom tea, but wait for tea to cool and then add ice if desired. 

Edible Film Pouches

Simply add your desired amount of kratom powder to a pouch and swallow. They are designed for taking powder supplements, herbs, and medications. Check out our Blate Papes featured here. A great option for taking kratom powder, and they hold more than kratom capsules. 


Kratom can be added to juices, smoothies, and shakes. Just be sure to mix in thoroughly to avoid clumping of the powder. 

Kratom powder is a natural product made from the leaves of the kratom tree (Mitragyna speciosa), which is native to Southeast Asia. The leaves are dried and ground into a fine powder. Traditionally, kratom has been used for its stimulant and analgesic properties.

The process of making kratom powder begins with harvesting mature kratom leaves. These leaves are then dried, either in the sun or using specialized drying techniques to preserve their alkaloid content. Once fully dried, the leaves are finely ground into a powder, which can be used on its own or encapsulated for convenience.

When buying kratom powder, look for reputable vendors with positive reviews and transparent sourcing practices. Consider factors such as product testing, customer service, and return policies. It’s also helpful to seek recommendations from trusted sources or online communities.

Myth: Kratom is just like opioids.

  • Fact: While kratom can interact with opioid receptors, it is not an opioid and has a different chemical structure and effects.

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