Can I Buy Kratom With a Debit or Credit Card?

Can I Buy Kratom With a Debit or Credit Card?

Lots of people use Kratom and can attest to the possible benefits the different strains could provide but finding a payment method can be a confusing and frustrating process. Most vendors used to accept credit and debit cards but because credit card companies and processors have recently classified Kratom as a high-risk product, purchasing Kratom with a card is not common anymore. Additionally, many credit card processors that do accept these “high-risk” product purchases are just a scam. Such companies sometimes hold on to vendor’s money for months at a time or don’t even pay the vendors at all. This has put both customers and vendors in a very tough, and frustrating place and we understand your frustration completely.

Thus, while we at Soap Korner have accepted credit and debit cards as payment options in the past we are having to phase this out of our business model due to the current environment. It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances but we at Soap Korner have worked to give you other payment options to make checkout as stress-free as possible. See our list of payment options below:

  1. Green Bean Pay – We’ve worked with Green Bean Pay – made specifically for “high-risk” payment processing – to offer an easy, simple, and safe alternative. You’ll need to make an account with them prior to using the service for any payments. At checkout, simply enter your cell phone number and Green Bean Pay will send the number a text to confirm it’s you and you can continue with your purchase. 
  2. eDebit Direct Payment / ECheck – EChecks are one of the most common ways to buy Kratom today and they’re arguably safer than paper checks since there aren’t any documents passing from hand to hand.
  3. Money Orders – Money orders are also a very common payment solution and are similar to checks, but prepaid.
  4. CashApp

While the current climate for purchasing Kratom isn’t that credit or debit card friendly, we hope our alternative payment methods make the process as convenient as possible. In addition to making the payment process as easy as we can make it, we put effort into making sure our Kratom products are high-quality and all have been GMP-certified by the American Kratom Association. Shop our selection today to stock up on your favorite strain or find a new one!

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