Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin?

Is Kratom legal in Wisconsin?

Kratom, a plant native to Southeast Asia, has been a topic of discussion in various parts of the U.S. due to its growing popularity. If you’re curious about its legal status in Wisconsin, this article provides an overview. Kratom has caught the attention of regulatory bodies in the U.S. While the DEA considered classifying kratom in 2016, it remains unregulated at the federal level. However, state laws can differ.

Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin?

Is it legal to buy Kratom in Wisconsin?

Currently, kratom is not legal in Wisconsin. The state decided to classify certain alkaloids found in kratom as controlled substances in 2014. This means that buying, selling, or possessing kratom in Wisconsin is against the law.

Wisconsin Kratom Legislation History

In 2013, SB325 was introduced in the Wisconsin Senate, proposing to classify certain kratom alkaloids as Schedule I controlled substances. The bill was passed, and since then, these alkaloids have remained prohibited in the state.

Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin?

The American Kratom Association, a kratom advocacy organization, met with Wisconsin senators in 2019, and the reaction was encouraging. The objective of the American Kratom Association is to enact the Kratom Consumer Protection Act on a federal level by first appealing to state legislatures to do so. The KCPA would regulate kratom, ensuring that customers do not inadvertently purchase phony kratom, that individuals are educated about what they are buying, and a slew of other safeguards. Kratom supporters say that the plant is safe in its natural state and that the KCPA is preferable to scheduling it or not regulating it at all.

Kratom Classification in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, certain alkaloids found in kratom are classified as controlled substances. This classification means that any product containing these alkaloids is illegal in the state.

Wisconsin Kratom Advocacy

Despite its classification, there are advocates for kratom in Wisconsin, including organizations like the American Kratom Association. They aim to promote awareness and potentially change the current legal status of the plant.

Shipping And Wisconsin Kratom Laws

Given its legal status, shipping kratom to Wisconsin is not allowed. Major carriers and suppliers from other states typically avoid shipping kratom products to Wisconsin.

Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin?

Where to Buy Kratom in Wisconsin

Due to its classification, kratom cannot be legally purchased in Wisconsin. It’s essential to be aware of the legal status of kratom in neighboring states if considering purchasing it elsewhere.


The legal status of kratom varies by state. While it remains unregulated at the federal level, states like Wisconsin have chosen to classify certain kratom alkaloids as controlled substances. It’s crucial to be informed about the legal status of kratom in your state and any state you might be visiting.

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