About Soap Korner

Soap Korner - Our Newsletter & Kratom Specials

About Soap Korner – Our Newsletter & Kratom Specials

Our team at Soap Korner has been dedicated to educating customers on the many uses of Kratom, as well as providing our consumers with quality Kratom products. In operation since 2014, Soap Korner is a trusted leader in the industry and has been helping pave the way for safe Kratom to be sold in the United States. To ensure the quality of the products that we sell, we continue to monitor every step within our own manufacturing facility. We also have our products tested by independent labs to ensure product safety.

Where You Can Purchase Our Products

To accommodate our various customers across the US, we have a physical location as well as an online store. Our store is located in Colorado Springs on Oro Blanco and N. Carefree. Our online shop offers our customers a range of different products from various Kratom powders and specialty kratom related products, to high-quality Hemp products

How We Work to Protect Kratom

In efforts to continuously provide customers with the best kratom products, Soap Korner also actively supports the American Kratom Association (AKA) and the Kratom Counsel Protection Act (KCPA) as they fight to make Kratom legal in all states across America. Specifically, we donate funds to the causes, work one-on-one with lobbyists, and talk with Colorado legislators to advocate for Kratom.

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If you’re a Kratom customer and user, we invite you to sign up for our Kratom newsletter. By signing up you gain access to Soap Korner’s special Kratom specials, specific Soap Korner coupon codes, and sales every Saturday morning. It’s easy to sign up! Just remember to check your junk and spam folders if you’ve signed up and haven’t received any emails. We share a lot of valuable information and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on any special Soap Korner discount codes. Soap Korner runs sales regularly and maintains great prices on standard products to ensure customers are getting what they need at a fair price.

Shipping Update

 UPS & USPS may experience delays. If you have not received an update for 7 business days, please text- 719-302-5179.
If you need your order within 2-3 days, please use one of the paid UPS or USPS express options.
If you have received a tracking number, your order has left our facility. Most orders will ship same day if placed before 1 p.m. MT on weekdays and 10 a.m. on Saturdays. 
Soap Korner - Our Newsletter & Kratom Specials

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