What is the Kratom Consumer Protection Act & Why We Support It

Kratom Consumer Protection Act & Why We Support It

What is the Kratom Consumer Protection Act?

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) is a piece of legislation that if passed, would enable customers to legally obtain kratom while also helping to ban the sale of dangerous, unregulated, harmful kratom products in the market. The KCPA also aims to stop the complete ban on kratom by disproving the many myths and misconceptions about the product.

This revolutionary act addresses important information about kratom, including identifying what kratom is, dose regulations, and prohibiting the sale of harmful or dangerous products. It also introduces the requirement for all kratom vendors to have all products that contain kratom labeled appropriately. This also allows for FDA parameters to be met.

Why Do We Support the KCPA?

At Soap Korner we feel that the KCPA is a welcomed piece of legislation in the kratom community. With the passing of this act production and sales can be regulated, monitored, and set to a specific standard, providing consumers with safe, high-quality products. Without the correct processes in place, there may be a rise in the sale of products containing dangerous substances and things such as E. Coli, high amounts of mold or high amounts of heavy metals. Any customer who enjoys using kratom would benefit from knowing that they are safe in the hands of the KCPA.

Soap Korner Contributes

There are several states, including Utah, Georgia, and Arizona, that have already passed the KCPA, and we can only hope the entire country will follow suit. To help in the fight of changing legislation and support the KCPA, Soap Korner has been donating funds, working one-on-one with lobbyists, and talking to Colorado legislators. We care a great deal about the safety of our customers and would love to see the KCPA passed country-wide. If you’re in need of high-grade, quality kratom products, shop our kratom powders online at Soap Korner today!

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