Kratom Sampler 6 – 1 Ounce Bags


Build-your-own sample Kratom pack. Select and order any 6 – 1 oz bags of kratom tea powder and save $4.50 per bag.

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Kratom Samplers – 6 / 1oz Bags

Kratom, formally called Mitragyna speciosa, is one of the most famous of the world’s traditional herbs. How you consume Kratom powder depends on your own personal preference. You can easily add it to drinks like water, tea, and juice, or consume it as a Kratom capsule.


Try Samples of Our Kratom Powders

At Soap Korner, we offer our customers the best selection of handpicked, lab-tested, and high-quality, Kratom sampler packs. We take pride in our manufacturing process, which helps us enhance product integrity and quality control. Along with our high-quality products, we deliver exceptional customer service that complements our vast experience and transparency about all the products we sell.

What makes Soap Korner special is our ability to provide a wide variety of Kratom powder. For example, Red, White, and Green Kratom are all created from the same plant, the Mitrangya speciosa. With such a variety of options, ordering our Kratom tea samplers allows you to test all three options to find out what works well for you. Additionally, Yellow and Gold Kratom are generally mixtures of Red, White, and Green. So, within our Kratom sampler packs, you can try each variety to determine which provides you the best experience.

Similarly, Bali, Maeng Da, and other Kratom names are all different varieties of Green, White, and Red. For instance, Green Maeng Da is a unique blend of Greens slightly different from Green Bali. Therefore, Soap Korner’s sample packs allow you to try different types of the vast variety of Whites, Reds, and Greens so you can choose your favorite.


Order our Kratom Tea Powders

As a reputable Kratom retailer, Soap Korner offers the best selection of Kratom tea samplers online, including Bali Kratom powder and Maeng Da Kratom powder. Plus, all our Kratom products observe top-shelf quality standards and are lab-tested to ensure peak quality. Browse our website now to shop our Kratom products or contact us online today.


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