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Green strains have always been our most popular products. The Green Maeng Da Kratom we have for sale, is an all-time favorite and best seller. Green Hulu, Green Riau, Malay, and Ketapang are great sellers as well. But Super Green is not only our best-selling Green but the best-selling kratom powder overall. Learn more about Soap Korner’s Green Kratom powder below:


Active Ingredients: 100% Powdered Mitragyna Speciosa 

The green strains of Kratom have always been among our most popular products and you can buy green kratom powder for sale from our website Like the other strains, green strains of kratom are sourced from the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree which grows in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, and Indonesia. The leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into powdered that can be mixed into a variety of drinks for making Kratom tea. Part of the reason why the Green Vein Kratom strain proves to be so popular is the effects it could possibly provide, and these potential qualities are thanks to the unique alkaloid distribution in Green Kratom Powder that differentiates it from the other strains. Green Vein Kratom has been described as the “all-in-one super strain.”

Many look to buy Green Vein Kratom kilos online because it can be hard to find in person, especially the Green Maeng Da Kratom variant, due to its popularity.

Green maeng da kratom :

People have loved our green maeng da kratom which you can also try. Green maeng da kratom is popular for its ability to boost mood along with enhancing focus. Green maeng da kratom smoothies and drinks are good choices as it blends very quickly with a smoothy feel making it perfect for a drink. If you are looking for a green strains that are not very strong in taste then to go with green maeng da kratom can be a great decision. Anxiety relief, mood boossing ability, and a calm feel is what many people feel when talking about green maeng da kratom.

If you’re looking to buy Green Vein Kratom Powder whether it be our special and famous green maeng da kratom or Super green malay for sale online, look no further. At Soap Korner, we use only the highest-quality, lab-tested, and hand-selected Kratom powder to make all of our Kratom products, which means you’re getting the best quality Green Kratom on the market. All of our products are also GMP-certified by the American Kratom Association. We strive to make sure everything we offer meets all of these standards and proudly offer nothing but the best selection of Kratom powder products that can be found online. Shop with us today!


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MD, Super Green, Hulu, Green Malay, Green Riau, Green Ketapang, Green MD (Nano), Green Borneo


250g, 125g, 1oz


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