White Kratom



Many people love and utilize white strains for the boost and focus they may be able to offer. White Maeng Da (White MD) is one of our best selling white veins along with White Hulu.

500g and 1000g Splits
Buy 2 or more 250g bags of Kratom get $12.85 off per bag
Buy 4 or more 250g bags of Kratom get $15.30 off per bag


Active Ingredients: 100% Powdered Mitragyna Speciosa

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White MD, White Kapo, White Borneo, White Hulu, White Jong Kong, Super White, White Bentuangie


250g, 125g, 1oz

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We import loose leaf tea from places like China, India, and Nepal. Many may not know but tea is Camellia Sinensis- white tea, green tea, oolong and black tea all are from the same species of plant, just like Kratom- the difference is in the way it’s processed. White tea is mostly unprocessed, green is slightly processed, black tea heavily processed and oolong is somewhere between green and black. But it’s so much more confusing than that, there are different cultivars, varieties, growing regions, growing conditions, processing methods, and so on and so on. We carry almost 20 different types of oolong and that’s just the beginning.