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    Red strains have always been consistently popular and the most widely utilized. 

    Red Bali is one of our longest selling favorites and is very popular product along with Red MD and Red Borneo. Both have alkaloid ratios that balance out for a great overall product.  

    Red Kapo is a fermented red strain other vendors may call Chocolate or Bentuangie. Our Red Kapo has been pasteurized to ensure the safety of the product.

    Red Elephant and Red Thai are two of our most popular, best selling reds. Both of which are specifically blended for the greatest end result.

    The alkaloid results for the Red MD are shown below. You can see the importance of using verified labs to do the testing. ABC Laboratories gives the Mitragynine for the RMD-042319 as 0.8205% while the results from WL show it as 1.69%. Either way this RMD is a great product to add to your rotation.

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