Kratom can be both good and bad depending on how you use it. Several people claim that it helps them deal with a lot of issues both physically and mentally but don’t know about how to take kratom. Also, due to its sour taste, people want to avoid tasting it and that’s where comes the question of how to take kratom powder without tasting it?

About kratom

How to take Kratom Powder without Tasting it?

Kratom is not legal everywhere and research is still going on regarding its benefits. Although, various people also state that they have had bad experiences with their use.

People that indulge themselves in other drugs like cannabis, and stimulants tend to use kratom. It is also very common for people that misuse prescription drugs. 10.3 percent of the people who misuse prescription drugs tend to use Kratom. If you are using them in high doses, you can encounter many serious side effects.

Hence, it is important to use kratom responsibly. Using this drug in small and controlled doses, you can avail of its positive benefits. Let’s see about kratom and how to take Kratom Powder without tasting it in depth.

Why Question rises ‘how to take kratom powder without tasting it’?

How to take Kratom Powder without Tasting it?

Kratom tastes bad, which you should be aware of before using it. This is a reason why a lot of people tend to stay away from the use of kratom or look for ways how to take Kratom Powder that allows avoiding tasting it which isn’t pleasant.

If you are trying to indulge yourself in kratom, the taste is something you need to keep in mind. The taste of the drug is earthy and bitter, which may not be something that you like.

It is important to note, you need to avail yourself of some fresh leaves. The fresher the leaves are, the better the taste will be. Although, you can avoid tasting the bad taste with certain preparations of the drug. Here are a few tips to help you take Kratom powder without tasting it.

The Toss and Wash method to take Kratom

How to take Kratom Powder without Tasting it?

The first and most basic way to use kratom is the toss and wash method. Several people that use the drug, use this method predominantly as it is the most convenient way. You toss it in your mouth and drink it down with some liquid through this method. Several people will put the liquid in their mouths and hold it at the back of their throat. Then, they will put the powder in. This will help you to avoid getting the powder stuck around your mouth and irritating your tongue and taste buds.

However, the toss and wash method might still make you gag as it does not stop you from tasting it. You can not be 100 percent accurate with tossing the powder into the water in your mouth. Hence, there will still be some residual powder that will have you taste them.

If you are comfortable with some residue you can go for it, then you can go for it otherwise avoid using this method. Make sure that you are using water as the liquid to avoid dehydration later on.

There are many other methods that you can use to avoid tasting the kratom powder of any type whether it be green vein kratom powder, red vein kratom powder, or gold vein kratom powder.

Want more choice for how to take Kratom Powder ?

How to take Kratom Powder without Tasting it?

Better Ways to take Kratom

To take kratom powder, we should take inspiration from the people in Southeast Asia. Indeed, the farmers and daily Kratom users predominantly use the toss and wash method or make vile tea out of it. You need to look for inspiration from the younger generations and how they use the powder.

Nowadays, several Southeast Asian bars will serve you alcohol-free Kratom cocktails which can be a treat for your taste buds. Hence, it is important to remember that mixing it with strong fruity drinks eliminates the taste of the powder. Moreover, thick drinks will help you hide the texture of the powder as well. You can also try some best kratom recipes to prepare kratom-related food items.

How to take Kratom Powder in form of drink?

How to take Kratom Powder without Tasting it?

With the information of the cocktail, you can utilize the following method to eradicate the taste and texture.

Using these few steps you can partake in the powder without even having to taste them. Although, with the residual effect you may have the chance of tasting it now and then. To get around this problem you can use another technique that will help you avoid tasting them completely.

Any alternative to Avoid Kratom Taste?

How to take Kratom Powder without Tasting it?

No matter how hard you try to avoid the taste of Kratom, using it in powder form will leave some residual taste. Hence, to avoid the taste you have to find a method that does not involve the powder form of kratom. So if you ask me how to take Kratom Powder so its taste will not stop you from ingesting it, then we recommend you to buy kratom capsules or tablets.

Although, it may be a bit more expensive than the powder that you can get. These capsules are usually 500mg each which accounts for the prescription amount that doctors will prescribe

By using the capsules you can avoid the taste of the loose powder drug completely. You will have to ensure that you are getting it from a trustworthy vendor. This will allow you to have the positive effects of the drug without tasting it.

Additionally, there are other benefits of using capsules over the powder form. You get exactly 500 mg of Kratom with the capsules and don’t need to measure the dosage out before using it. If you are using 6 to 10 capsules at 500 mg each you are getting a good amount of pure Kratom and hence you can rely upon it when the question ‘how to take Kratom Powder’ comes to your mind.

Hence, if you are using the Kratom Capsules you don’t need to worry about the taste or the disadvantages. This is the best way that you can avoid tasting the nasty taste that it contains. Moreover, you should also avoid indulging yourself in regular use of the drug as it can cause you to have a dependency. Therefore, understanding the positives and negatives of the drug will help you avail the best of it.