Breaking News Update on the 2021 Strategy to Fight for Kratom

Breaking News in 2021’s Fight To Protect Kratom

Lawmakers throughout the United States have been attempting to pass legislation outlawing or restricting the purchase of kratom products. At Soap Korner, we’re proud to support the kratom movement, and we’re doing our best to keep our community up-to-date as the latest news and events happen in the fight for kratom. 

The HHS Rescinded Scheduling Recommendations For Kratom In 2018 Without Public Knowledge

In a recent hearing in Washington, DC, Congressman Mark Pocan (WI) and Congressman Morgan Griffith found that the Department of Health and Human Services rescinded its request for kratom to be classified as a Schedule I substance under the CSA (Controlled Substances Act).

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) first made a recommendation for scheduling kratom on August 31, 2016. After this was withdrawn by the DEA on October 13 of the same year, the FDA submitted a second recommendation in 2017 – and the HHS withdrew that recommendation because there was no scientific research justifying the scheduling of kratom. 

However, the FDA did not make this action public. In other words, the public was under the assumption that kratom was being considered as a schedule I drug for more than 2.5 years – which is particularly damaging given the opioid crisis that America is currently experiencing. 

The American Kratom Association (AKA) has heavily condemned this action in a public letter, and supporting documents, which can be found here. Those interested in learning more can also view the AKA’s press conference on Vimeo, YouTube, or Facebook

Strategy to Fight for Kratom – Moving Forward

Even with the AKA’s letter condemning the HHS secrecy in this action, this latest information is a good thing. Overall it means that kratom is not in any current danger of being outlawed which is great news! Additionally, it allows both the American Kratom Association (AKA) and Kratom Consumer Counsel (KCC) to be more proactive in their strategy to fight for Kratom, rather than reactive.

Soap Korner Is Here For The Kratom Community – We Stand By You 

At Soap Korner, we stand with the AKA and kratom community and will be supporting the AKA’s efforts. We also continue to sell high-quality kratom products, so shop our selection of kratom powder and teas online now.

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