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Our Kratom blends are amongst our most sought after products. Below is a brief description of each: 

Red Lau is a Kratom blend of 6 different reds making it our best selling blended Kratom product to buy online.

Maui Kanu is a Kratom blend of Green and White to offer the best of both worlds.

Trifecta is a Kratom blend of our best selling red, white, and green to offer an overall best experience of all three strains. 

500g and 1000g Splits
Buy 2 or more 250g bags and get them for $27.50 each.
Buy 4 or more 250g bags get them for $25 each.


Kratom Blends 

 If you’re in search of the best Kratom to buy online, look no further than Soap Korner and our selection of high-quality Kratom products that have all been GMP-certified by the American Kratom Association. Our kratom blends are among our most popular products and for good reason – each is made with lab-tested Kratom handpicked by our experts to combine the best of different strains. 

Kratom blends offer a safe and enjoyable experience and gives you the opportunity to mix and match various strains to create a custom blend which is tailored to your personal needs and tastes. You’ll not only enjoy the properties  of the different strains that have been combined in a single powder, but it could lead to a much more enhanced experience that you could have with just a single strain, especially when two strains that compliment one another are combined. In fact, that’s the idea behind Kratom blends – to marry the best qualities of two different strains to experience something totally new! 

It’s entirely safe to mix different strains but, just like everything else Kratom-related, certain procedures should be followed to ensure safe consumption. That’s why it’s important to purchase Kratom blends from a trusted source like Soap Korner who employs strict quality control standards that ensure you’re getting a high-quality and reliably safe product.  

Soap Korner offers three different Kratom blends – Red Lau, Maui Kanu, and the Trifecta. Red Lau blends six different, high-quality red strains to make for one of the best Kratom blends to buy online. Maui Kanu blends white and green strains to give you the best of both worlds. The Trifers, as the name might suggests, blends together out best selling red, white, and green strains with all the best qualities of each to offer an overall best experience of all three strains. 

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Active Ingredient: 100% Powdered Mitragyna Speciosa


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