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Red strains of Kratom have always been consistently popular and the most widely utilized Kratom powder

Learn more about the different types of Red Kratom, such as our popular Red Bali Kratom, we have for sale below.

500g and 1000g Splits
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At Soap Korner, we believe in providing the highest quality and lab-tested Kratom products for our customers. We have worked hard since 2014 to ensure this quality and are proud to offer the best selection of Red Kratom that you can buy online. Read about each specific red kratom we have for sale below to know which is the best fit for you!

    • Red Bali Kratom – Red Bali Kratom is one of Soap Korners longest selling favorites and is a very popular product along with Red MD and Red Borneo. All three have alkaloid ratios that balance out for a great overall product. Additionally, Red Bali Kratom is our best sele
    • Red Borneo Kratom – One of the original Kratom strains is Borneo or namely Red Borneo. Red Borneo may be great for helping with those stress and pain-filled days. Red Borneo is a popular quick-selling daytime strain that is a must-try!
    • Red Bentuangie Kratom – Bentuangie is a fermented red strain other vendors may call Chocolate. It is a deep dark red color with a strong smell. A favorite for those hoping to find mental relaxation and a calm feeling. Our Bentuangie has been pasteurized for safety because of the fermentation process it goes through.
    • Super Red Kratom – Super Red is another Red that has a deep color and strong smell. While not a top seller, it is a favorite for some who love the darker colored strains and want to ease the body.
    • Red Thai Kratom – Red Thai is another popular “daytime” red. Great when you need that afternoon pick me up. 
    • Red MD Kratom – Maeng Da is one of the most recognized names in the Kratom world. Usually one of the most sought after for it’s high alkaloid content and strong effects. Our Red Maeng Da is a great strain to physically and mentally boost you either in the morning or afternoon. Additionally, the alkaloid results for the Red MD Kratom are shown above in the items pictures. These pictures show the importance of using verified labs to do testing because ABC Laboratories gives the Mitragynine for the RMD-042319 as 0.8205% while the results from WL show it as 1.69%. However, either way, Red Maeng Da would be a great product to add to your rotation.
    • Red Elephant Kratom –  They say it gets its name due to the size of the leaves and how they resemble an elephant’s ear. Our Red Elephant is another popular “daytime” red that is specifically blended to give that boost of energy and well-being.
    • Red Jong Kong Kratom – Jongkong is a district in West Kalimantan Indonesia where the residents produce highly sought-after Kratom products. Due to their expertise, this strain is alkaloid-rich and great for if you have had a hard day or need a relaxing evening.
    • Red Riau Kratom – Riau is a province on the central eastern coast of Sumatra. Known for producing great Kratom, Red Riau is one you want to have in your arsenal. Whether you want to wind down from a stressful day or set back and ease your muscles Red Riau is a great choice.
    • Red Ketapang Kratom – As with many Kratom strains the name has to do with the region it was grown and harvested in or where it was processed. Ketapang is a small town located in the southern province of West Kalimantan whose residents have perfected the skill of producing high-quality Kratom. Red Ketapang may boost your mood and at the same time, it may also help relax your body.
    • Red Horn Kratom – Red Horn is named for the “horns” or points on the leaves. The leaves are meticulously harvested to provide the best red Kratom experience possible. Red Horn may not have the highest percentage of mitragynine but don’t let that fool you, it packs a punch. Giving the consumer a great piece of mind and overall relaxation and calmness. Don’t leave this one out of your cart!

Active Ingredients: 100% Powdered Mitragyna Speciosa

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Bali, Borneo, Bentuangie, Super, Thai, Red MD, Red Elephant, Red Horn, Red MD (Nano), Red Pele, Red Riau


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