Liquid Kratom Shots 12mL


Kratom shots are a liquid form of kratom extracted from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. Unlike kratom powder, which is made by drying and grinding the leaves, kratom shots are created by boiling the leaves and often include flavor enhancers. They offer a convenient and potent alternative to traditional kratom powder.

Premium Liquid Kratom Shots from Soap Korner

At Soap Korner, our kratom shots are crafted from high-quality dry kratom leaves. Each bottle contains the equivalent of 9g of dried kratom, ensuring maximum potency. Sourced from our farms in Indonesia and Nepal, our kratom is hand-selected and undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent quality standards. Enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of our liquid kratom shots today


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What Are Kratom Shots?

Kratom shots are a liquid form of kratom that is made from kratom powder. You can think of liquid Kratom shots as an extract that is combined with other additives. They contain a higher concentration of alkaloid mitragynine compared to pure kratom leaves. These are then sold as single-use energy shots, much like the energy drinks you find in supermarkets every day.


Difference Between Kratom Powder & Shots

Kratom powder is manufactured by harvesting leaves from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. They are then dried and crushed into a powder in a completely natural and untampered form.


Kratom shots are produced by boiling leaves directly or first drying and crushing leaves to form a powder and boiling the powder. Parts of the kratom leaves may be removed during this process and they will be strained before being boiled once again to remove the remaining traces of water. This is then typically combined with additional additives for flavoring.

Many kratom users like to make tinctures and liquid forms of concentrated kratom. Our liquid kratom shots at Soap Korner make this process that much easier and more convenient by making kratom extract readily available in single-use palatable shots without the time and work required to perform the extraction process.


High-Quality Liquid Kratom Shots for Sale

Our liquid Kratom shots are harvested directly from dry kratom leaves and contain the equivalent of  9g of dried kratom leaves. These bottles are alkaloid suspended, resulting in high potency effects of the alkaloids present in 100% natural kratom leaves. 


When you purchase from Soap Korner, you can be assured that our products have been tested for quality and safety and adhere to all regulations. Soap Korner liquid kratom shots have been derived from completely natural processes. Choose from our stellar selection of powdered kratom products by shopping with us today.


We believe in a hands-on approach to cultivating our products which is why we hand-select our ingredients directly from our farms in Indonesia and Nepali. You can purchase our products here to experience the Soap Korner difference today.

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