Liquid Kratom Extract Shot-Unflavored


Liquid Kratom Shots – Unflavored Kratom Extract
 2 Servings per 15 ml shot /Approximately 7G of powder per serving
83mg Mitragyna Speciosa per bottle/ 41.5 per serving
Soap Korner’s Unflavored Kratom Extract Shot delivers a potent dose of premium Mitragyna speciosa in a convenient, ready-to-use format. Ideal for those who prefer the pure essence of kratom, each shot ensures consistent dosing without any added flavors, making it perfect for a quick and effective kratom experience anytime, anywhere.

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Unflavored Liquid Kratom Extract Shot: Experience Pure Strength

Unleash the Potency of Kratom with Our Unflavored Extract Shot

Sourced from premium Mitragyna speciosa leaves, this extract offers a concentrated dose of kratom’s natural benefits in a convenient, ready-to-use shot. Perfect for those seeking a quick and effective way to incorporate kratom into their wellness routine, each shot ensures consistent dosing and potency without any added flavors, ideal for purists who prefer the unadulterated essence of kratom.

Key Features of Unflavored Kratom Shot:

  • Premium Quality: Made from high-quality Mitragyna speciosa leaves for maximum effectiveness.
  • Unflavored:¬†Provides a potent kratom experience without added flavors, catering to purists.
  • Convenient Shot Format: Ready-to-use for easy consumption anytime, anywhere.
  • Consistent Dosing: Each shot delivers a precise amount of kratom extract for a reliable experience.

Soap Korner’s Unflavored Kratom Extract Shot offers a straightforward way to harness the natural power of kratom in a convenient and potent form, perfect for enthusiasts who prioritize purity and effectiveness.

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