Limited Specialty Blends


Some of our most popular blends, back by popular demand.  For a limited time only. Get them while you can!


Limited Specialty Kratom Blends 

A common misconception among many Kratom users is that its various strains are extracted from different plants. This is not true. Like coffee, there are different strains that are extracted from the same tree, grown throughout Malaysia, Thailand, and Bali.

At Soap Korner, we employ different drying and processing methods to derive the multiple Kratom strains. The Red Vein strain is dried in direct sunlight, while the Green Vein is dried in limited or no sunlight.

We offer our Kratom for sale in several blends and forms. The best way to try our products is by purchasing our limited edition Kratom sample pack. If you want to buy the best Kratom products, look no further!


Our Limited Edition Specialties

Some of our popular blends are only available to our customers for a limited time. Purchasing our sample pack allows you to test a variety of high-quality Kratom options like Bali and the famous Maeng Da. This way you get to decide which blend satisfies your taste buds.

Although they both hail from the same tree, a blend of Red Maeng Da is slightly different from other common strains like Red Bali. Sampling our OG sample packs will enable you to find your taste and pick a favorite blend.

  • White Koa is a longtime favorite of many. A special blend of two of our most popular white strains of Kratom.
  • Eggsclusive, while it was supposed to be a limited-time blend for Easter we have had great demand to offer it again. So here it is! A best-selling blend of red and yellow.
  • Big Kahuna, another one that was a limited-time blend and trying to keep with our Hawaiian theme, this one is a special blend of a popular red, white, and green.
  • Santa’s Stash, a winter holiday favorite blend of white and red strains. Will be back in the winter!


Get Our Limited Edition Kratom Today

At Soap Korner, we have secured our position as industry leaders in the kratom community for several years by offering unmatched customer service and high-quality products. Our Kratom products are lab-tested to ensure they are GMP compliant.

We package our Kratom products in powder or capsules, which are excellently priced. Please purchase our Limited Edition Kratom online or browse our website now to explore other Kratom products. You can also call us at 719-638-7627 for any inquiry regarding our products.

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White Koa, Big Kahuna, Eggsclusive


1 oz, 125G, 250G

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