Yellow Kratom


Some of our suppliers may make/blend the Yellow Kratom powder for us, or as in the case of our Yellow Elephant, we blend it in-house with one of our most popular greens and reds at a 60% to 40% ratio. Learn more about Yellow Kratom Powder below.


Yellow Vein Kratom 

At Soapkorner, We provide you with the best yellow vein kratom strains. We offer 2 types of yellow vein kratom powder strains:

  1. Yellow Vietnam Kratom
  2. Yellow Elephant Kratom

Kratom Strains are named after their physical structure, shape, specifications, and the places they grow in. The leaves of Yellow elephant kratom resemble the big, heavy, and loopy ears of an elephant, that’s why it got the name Yellow Elephant Kratom powder similar to the red horn kratom, which leaves resemble the shape of a horn.

Yellow Elephant Kratom is less popular in the market than other strains but when you purchase this yellow kratom strain from, we assure you that you’re getting the best quality yellow elephant kratom available.

Another Yellow Vein Kratom strain is Yellow Vietnam Kratom. Whenever we talk about kratom, 90% of people try to relate it to the countries like Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. But the yellow Vietnam Kratom comes from a southeast Asian country that is not very popular for its kratom production.

But still, Vietnam provides one of the best yellow Vietnam kratom powders in the market which you can buy along with the green vein kratom strains, red vein kratom strains, and white vein kratom strains. If you want it in bulk, yellow kratom kilos will be the best.

There’s a big debate in the Kratom community as to what exactly yellow vein Kratom is and what it is not. There are three different theories as to the strain’s origin.

The first theory suggests that yellow vein Kratom comes from the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree native to southeast Asia, as all Kratom does, but the leaves are picked late in their lives. This extended lifespan is what gives the leaves a yellow hue, thus allowing for yellow vein Kratom powder to be made.

Another theory proposes yellow vein Kratom is the result of a unique drying process in which either red vein kratom is dried longer than usual or green and white vein kratom are dried together outdoors rather than indoors.

The third theory suggests yellow Kratom is simply a blend of red, green, and sometimes white strains which gain a yellow color through a fermentation process, and this is how we make our blend.

Soap Korner blends together our most popular, high-quality green vein kratom strains and red vein kratom strains at a 60-40 ratio, respectively. Some of our suppliers do this themselves but making it is typically an in-house process at Soap Korner so you can trust you’re getting a high-quality blend and our best selection of yellow vein Kratom powder for sale online. 

Yellow Vein Kratom is also a perfect introductory strain to the world of kratom for new users, as it is not as potent as other strains and allows new users to ease into the potential benefits. If you’re just starting out your journey into the world of Kratom, yellow vein Kratom is for you! 

At Soap Korner, we hand select only high-quality and lab-tested Kratom powder so we can offer you the best yellow vein Kratom powder for sale anywhere. Additionally, all of our Kratom products have beenGMP-certified by the American Kratom Association so you know you’ll be getting quality powders and more.

If you’re looking for Yellow Elephant Kratom, and Yellow Vietnam Kratom, then Shop with us today! 

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