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White Maeng Da (White MD) Kratom is one of our best-selling white veins we have, along with White Hulu Kratom. Learn more about Soap Korner’s White Kratom, below:



Like all strains of Kratom, white kratom strains come from the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree native to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Borneo. The leaves are harvested early in their life and dried indoors, usually in air-conditioned rooms where they are not exposed to any light whatsoever. This process is unique to the white strain and it’s what keeps the color from darkening, hence the name.

Variety of White kratom strains

White Kratom comes in a variety of variants, the most popular of which is Maeng Da because it is specially curated to be very high quality. White Kratom Maeng Da is considered to be more potent than other strains, and due to its potency, it has a bit of an acquired taste compared to the other strains.

Another most loved strain is white Bali kratom from Soap Korner. You can buy white kratom kilos from Soap korner with a good discount.

Buy White vein kratom Capsules

If you’re looking to buy white vein kratom capsules, you can buy them too from Soap Korner. At Soap Korner, we believe in using the highest-quality, lab-tested, and hand-selected Kratom powder in all our products, meaning you’re getting the highest of the high-quality  White Kratom. Additionally, all of our products are GMP-certified by the American Kratom Association – the true quality in the Kratom industry. We work to make sure everything we offer meets these high-quality standards and are proud to offer the very best selection of Kratom powder products online. Shop with us today for all your White kratom needs!

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White MD, White Borneo, White Hulu, Super White, White Bentuangie, White Bali, White Elephant, White Horn, White Thai, White MD (Nano), White Pele


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