Gold Kratom


At Soap Korner, our Gold Kratom is made from a different processing technique that can enhance the powder’s potential benefits. Specifically, our Gold Kratom Meng Da is a red Kratom powder that is processed to change the alkaloid profile to strengthen the red’s desired qualities. Purchase our Gold Kratom today!


Gold Kratom

Similar to yellow Kratom, gold Kratom is made by blending at least two different kratom strains. This is widely understood in the Kratom community but what makes it rather confusing is the fact that not every Kratom manufacturer uses the same ratio of strains or even the same strains to make their gold Kratom. Generally, you’ll find that gold Kratom is a mix of red and green strains, but not at Soap Korner. We make all our gold Kratom, including Kratom gold Maeng Da, kratom gold Bali solely with high-quality red Kratom powder that is uniquely processed to change the alkaloid profile to strengthen the most desired qualities. This differentiates Soap Korner’s kratom gold Bali and maeng da from the typical red Kratom strain, hence the “kratom gold” moniker that distinguishes it from other strains.  

Not only maeng da, but kratom gold Bali is also available at the Soap Korner store.  Kratom gold Bali comes out to be a popular gold strain of the gold kratom category. For this, the harvesting is done when the red vein leaves go through a drying phase which turns the vein color from red to little gold. Hence, kratom gold Bali is the name given to this kratom strain category.

Kratom Bali is also called a night-time strain’ as users use it mostly at night for mental and physical relaxation.

Along with Kratom gold Maeng Da and kratom gold bali, Soap Korner offers a host of high-quality kratom products. At Soap korner, you can get kratom powders as well as kratom capsule for sale.  All these products are made with only the highest-quality, lab-tested Kratom powder around and it’s all hand-selected by our experts to ensure you’re getting the best Kratom products available today. In a testament to our strict quality standards, each and every one of the products in our selection has beenGMP-certified by the American Kratom Association. It’s because of these strict quality control standards that Soap Korner can offer you the best selection of Kratom powder products anywhere. Shop our large variety of powdered Kratom products for sale today!

Other Gold kratom products you can buy from Soapkorner:

Active Ingredients: 100% Mitragyna Speciosa

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Gold Bali, Gold Maeng Da


250g, 125g, 1oz, 125g Gold Bali Bottle

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