Gold Kratom Extract Tablets


Soap Korner’s Kratom Extract Tablets offer a potent and convenient way to consume high-quality kratom. Each tablet contains a precise dosage of concentrated kratom extract, providing a consistent and easy-to-use option for kratom enthusiasts. Perfect for on-the-go use, these tablets ensure a discreet and effective kratom experience.

Gold extract kratom tablets available in a variety of strengths.

  • 100mg of 45% extract (10 & 20ct)
  • 100mg of  10% extract (10 & 20ct)


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Gold Kratom Extract Tablets – Two Different Strengths

Our gold kratom is now available in two versions of extract tablets!

Extract tablets are a convenient form of taking kratom, with all the benefits of kratom capsules, but also now coming in two different concentrated forms of kratom tablets.

Key Features of Our Kratom Tablets – 10% and 45% 100mg Gold Extract Tablets

  • Potency: With tablets containing either 100mg of 10% or 45% gold kratom extract, it takes less tablets to reach your desired dosage compared to capsules.
  • Convenient Form: Tablets are easy to carry, store, and consume, making them a practical option for users who want to take kratom without the need for measuring or mixing.
  • Precise Dosage: Each tablet is formulated with a specific amount of kratom extract, ensuring consistent and accurate dosing.
  • Quality Ingredients: Soap Korner uses high-quality gold kratom to produce these extracts, ensuring a reliable and effective product.

Soap Korner’s Gold Extract Kratom Tablets are ideal for users looking for a potent, easy-to-use kratom product with consistent dosing.

10 or 20 count kratom tablets – 100mg – 45% Gold Kratom Extract Tablets 10 or 20 count kratom tablets – 100mg – 10% Gold Kratom Extract Tablets

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs

10ct, 20ct


100mg of 45%, 100mg of 10%

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