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Soap Korner’s Kratom Capsules offer a convenient and precise way to consume kratom. Each capsule contains high-quality kratom powder, available in various strains for tailored experiences. Ideal for on-the-go use, these capsules provide a consistent and discreet kratom consumption method. Easier than making tea, cleaner, longer shelf-life, and no wasted powder, kratom capsules are a great option for most kratom users.

Our most popular Kratom Teas, Red Bali, Red MD, Green MD, Super Green, White MD,  & Super White are now available in size 00 Capsules! Each Bottle/Bag contains 120/125/250/1000 Kratom capsules.



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Popular Strains of Kratom Powder Filled into 00 Size Capsules

Kratom capsules from Soap Korner are a convenient and popular way to consume kratom, a natural herbal supplement derived from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. Many kratom users have discovered that its hard to acquire the taste for kratom tea, and using sweeteners to take it can become unhealthy with all the extra sugars added to your diet. Also, brewing kratom tea is a time consuming process, and certainly is not easy to do while on-the-go or travelling. Although you can use our edible film pouches with our kratom powders to easily take powder without tasting it, our capsules are already dosed and make it easier for you.

One of the most frequently asked questions among Kratom lovers is how to get the dosage right. While a gram scale may come in handy for the purpose, getting just the right amount of kratom can be tricky. Spooning tiny amounts of Kratom powder until you get the right amount isn’t for everyone. That’s where kratom capsules again prove their convenience.  

Features of our High-Quality Kratom Capsules – Soap Korner’s Popular Strains in Capsule Form

  • Convenience: Capsules are easy to carry and consume, making them ideal for users who want a hassle-free way to take kratom without the need for measuring or dealing with the taste of kratom powder.
  • Pre-measured Dosage: Each capsule contains a specific amount of kratom powder, providing precise and consistent dosing. This helps users manage their intake more accurately and avoid the guesswork associated with loose powder.
  • Variety: Soap Korner offers kratom capsules in various strains and blends, allowing users to choose the type that best suits their needs. Common strains include Red Vein, Green Vein, and White Vein kratom, each with its own unique effects and benefits.
  • Quality: Soap Korner is known for its high-quality kratom products. Their capsules are made from premium kratom leaves, ensuring a potent and effective product. The capsules are also typically made from vegetarian-friendly materials, making them suitable for a wide range of users.
  • Discreetness: Capsules provide a discreet way to consume kratom. They look like any other supplement or medication.
  • Cleanliness and Storage: Capsules are sealed and protected from the environment, which helps maintain the freshness and potency of the kratom. They are also easy to store and have a longer shelf life compared to loose powder.

At Soap Korner, we have a broad selection of Kratom capsules for sale meant for people who want convenience. Kratom capsules actually filled with the kratom powder of your favorite strain red Bali, white maeng da, green maeng da, and more. You can find

  1. Red Bali kratom capsules
  2. Green MD Kratom capsules (Green Maeng da kratom capsules)
  3. White MD Kratom capsules (White Maeng da kratom capsules)
  4. Red MD Kratom capsules (Red Maeng da kratom capsules)
  5. Super Green Kratom capsules

By offering control and convenience, Kratom capsules are gaining popularity among users with busy lifestyles. They are also the favorites for beginners. Additionally, there is a capsule version for each of your favorite Kratom powder strains.

You can choose from our best kratom capsules types. Since 2014, we have built a reputation of unmatched customer service, becoming a reliable Kratom retailer.

Buy Kratom Capsules Online Today

At Soap Korner, we have high-quality Kratom Capsules such as Red Bali Kratom capsules for sale. All our products are naturally processed and derived and are packaged in two forms: kratom capsules and kratom powder. Both are carefully processed from hand-picked Kratom leaves that are lab-tested to ensure quality. Check our website today to purchase our Kratom products.

Active Ingredients: 100% Mitragyna Speciosa Powder

Inactive Ingredient: Gelatin 

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Red Bali (125 ct bag), Red Bali (10 ct), Red MD (10ct), Super Green (10ct), Super White (10ct), White MD (10ct), Green MD (10ct), Green MD (125 ct bag), Green MD (120 ct bottle), White MD (125 ct bag), White MD (120 ct bottle), Red Bali (250ct bag), Super Green (125ct bag), Super Green (250ct Bag), Green MD (250ct Bag), White MD (250ct Bag), Red MD (125ct bag), Red MD (250 ct bag), Red MD (Kilo of Capsules), Green MD ( Kilo of Capsules), White MD (Kilo of Capsules), Super White (Kilo of Capsules), Super Green (Kilo of Capsules)

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